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"VoIP may be simple"
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The SimpleIAX is a component library for Delphi and C++Builder, allowing to build the VoIP applications. SimpleIAX is built on top of the IAXClient - an open source, multiplatform library for creating telephony solutions that interoperate with Asterisk, the Open Source PBX.

SimpleIAX Architecture

SimpleIAX Core Features

The SimpleIAX is basically a translation of the IAXClient header file to the Delphi and the compact set of the Delphi classes, which are using the iaxclient.dll. The classes are wrapping the IAXClient API into the more high-level Delphi OO API, and hiding many original IAXClient library pitfalls.


The IAXClient library is a portable IAX/IAX2 protocol telephony client library. The IAX/IAX2 protocol is used to commpunicate with Asterisk IP-PBX server. The home page for the IAXClient is


The IAXClient library is compiled into iaxclient.dll. The up-to-date and tested version of iaxclient.dll is supplied with the SimpleIAX library in the Bin folder. And we does not recommend to use other DLL versions with SimpleIAX.


What is next ?

Try SimpleIAX yourself and download a free precompiled SimpleIAX Phone demo application, now.


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