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News Blogs
Embarcadero FireDAC XE6 released
Apr 28, 2014
Native Informix driver, SQL Server Table Valued ParametersJSON serialization, major improvements to LocalSQL, Data Explorer FireDAC support and more
Embarcadero FireDAC XE5 released
Oct 22, 2013
First FireDAC release fully integrated into RAD Studio, major documentation update, documentation localized to DE / FR / JA, Android support, renamed API (AD -> FD), renamed units (uADXxx -> FireDAC.Xxx)
AnyDAC for Delphi v released
Jan 29, 2013
EULA text updated, removed several 3d party product integtrations, and more. We recommend you to upgrade to this release !
The business model change
Jan 29, 2013

DA-SOFT Technologies informs you, that starting from 28-January-2013 our company changes the business model. As a first step of this change we are stopping to market and sale our product - "AnyDAC for Delphi".

AnyDAC for Delphi v released
Jan 17, 2013
Updated RAD Studio XE3 Update 1 support, SQLite upgraded to 3.7.15, added SQLite x64 static linking, and more.
AnyDAC for Delphi and FireMonkey
Jul 23, 2012
AnyDAC for Delphi v 6.0.1 offers the FireMonkey support additionally to VCL and console based applications. The supports includes FireMonkey implementation for all AnyDAC dialog components on Windows, Mac OS X and iOS platforms. This is the breaking change, as it replacespre 6.0AnyDAC GUIx components.
AnyDAC for Delphi and Centralized Cached Updates
Jul 16, 2012
AnyDAC for Delphi v 6.0.1 introduces Centralized Cached Updates feature, enabling few datasets to track and apply the changes in chronological order accross all datasets, sharing the same changes journal. That gives new unique possibilities for master-detail handling.
AnyDAC for Delphi and Local SQL
Jul 13, 2012
AnyDAC for Delphi v 6.0.1 introduces Local SQL feature, allowing touse TDataSet objects inthe SQL queries. Local SQL offers feature reach SQL engine, based on the SQLite query processor, good performance and stability. This article shows possible Local SQL applications, explainshow to configure and use Local SQL.
AnyDAC for Delphi and MS Access multivalued fields
Apr 10, 2012
Starting MS Access 2007 database developers got opportunity to use multivalued table fields (more) in databases of .accdb format. This article explains how you can operate with such fields and query them by AnyDAC for Delphi.
AnyDAC for Delphi and LocalDB "Denali"
Jan 17, 2012

AnyDAC for Delphi 5.0.6 will support working with SQL Server LocalDB "Denali" out of the box. This article describes how to configure AnyDAC 5.0.6 and earlier to work with LocalDB.